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Welcome to J.F. Kapnek
Delamore Primary School ECD Centre renovated by
JF Kapnek Zimbabwe and funded by OAK Foundation .
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Early Childhood Development

In support of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

Child Protection

Millions of orphans and vulnerable children in need of care, support and protection.
Kapnek’s Disability programme currently covers 18 districts, including metropolitan
areas of Harare and Bulawayo. Read More

About JF Kapnek Zimbabwe

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The J.F. Kapnek Trust was founded in 1966, when James Kapnek left his fortune to a trust
dedicated to the causes that concerned him most, thus furthering his dream to build a better Zimbabwe through education and his commitment to essential medical research

The JF Kapnek Trust works to improve family health, reduce child mortality, provide a protective environment and create educational opportunity for the children of Zimbabwe through the implementation of scalable, sustainable programs. The J F Kapnek Trust initiated programs aimed at reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS.

Our Programmes

Kapnek has worked with MOHCC structures at national, provincial and district levels.
Building enabling communities and structures to support and protect OVC.
Children and adolescents with disabilities are more vulnerable to violence and abuse.

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