Figure 1- JF Kapnek SMT members and UZ Biological Sciences & Ecology Department Leadership at the Kapnek Wing Block Entrance

On Monday 15 August 2022, the JF Kapnek Zimbabwe Senior Management Team visited the Kapnek Wing  for Biological Sciences and Ecology Department at the University of Zimbabwe to kick start the renovations of the building. A Memorandum of agreement was signed between JF Kapnek Zimbabwe and the University of Zimbabwe to provide the framework for the efficient coordination and implementation of the proposed renovation Project .

The amount obligated under the agreement  is USD5,000,00 . This amount will be used for the gutter replacements, down pipes & drainage clearing, under deck plastering, windowpane replacement, ceiling replacement and wall patching. Speaking at the meeting the Chairperson for the Biological Sciences and Ecology Department Dr Chiyedza Chifamba expressed appreciation to JF Kapnek Zimbabwe for the support. She said JF Kapnek’s involvement with the department will go a long way in putting the building back into good condition and improving the Department’s visibility .  Mr Hillary Tanyanyiwa the Executive Director for JF Kapnek Zimbabwe pointed out that since the initial financial support given by Mr James F. Kapnek towards the establishment of the University in 1945, there has been no subsequent support from the organisation. He said it was now the time to re-establish the partnership to maintain the JF Kapnek legacy.

JF Kapnek Zimbabwe is a locally registered Private Voluntary Organisation which was established in Zimbabwe in 1955 and has been a registered PVO since 2004. The purpose of the organisation established by the late James F. Kapnek was to promote programmes of medical research by both organisations and individuals and to support charitable scientific or educational projects connected with medical research.

In 1945, Mr James F Kapnek, an American businessman working in Zimbabwe, wished to give back to the country that had provided so much for him. He offered a founding grant of twenty thousand pounds for the establishment of a University College.  This grant funded the Development Office which established a challenge to the local business community and thus engendered the support necessary for the eventual establishment of the University of Zimbabwe. The Kapnek’s were honored for their efforts on behalf of education department by naming  the biology wing at the University of Zimbabwe -Kapnek Wing.

Figure 2- The leaking and broken gutters
Figure 3- One of the Laboratory Rooms
Figure 4- Ceiling Cracks
Figure 5- Another Laboratory Room
Figure 6- Brocken Windowpanes
Figure 7-Laboratory Room
Figure 8- Worn out ceiling
Figure 9- Ceiling Leak

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